MSK Group is a down-to-earth, honest, strong and international multi-industry family corporation.

MSK Group and its subsidiaries are guided by the following values:

•  MSK Group is a steadily advancing, multi-industry, high technology family corporation. The corporation has its feet firmly on the ground and its goals up high.

•  MSK Group is a genuine, upright and honest partner with open, fair and sincere people. Its workers are listened to and taken care of.

•  The basis of our steady operation and secure financial position is a persistent and prudent business culture. Our competitiveness comes from efficiency, quality and flexibility. Our success secures our future.

•  MSK Group products are sold all over the world and our aim is to keep strengthening our position in the global market. Internationalization makes our corporation more competitive and ensures that our production facilities stay in Finland.

Our operating principles regarding quality and the environment are:

• The success of our customer is the basis of our operation.

• The goal of each of our employees is to continually improve and develop the quality of our products and services and to make us more competitive.

• Training and continuous development ensure our staff is skilled and capable.

• Our environment is valuable to us. Our goal is to minimize any environmental effects our operation may cause.

As responsible members of our society, we shall follow official rules and obligations, as well as other laws and regulations set by our society.


Get to know our subsidiaries

Juncar Oy

A manufacturer of Finnish high quality trailers.



An experienced agriculture and forestry machine manufacturer.


MSK Cabins

A successful and international machinery cabin manufacturer.


MSK Plast Oy

A high technology company specialized in plastic manufacturing.


Specialized in development and production of complex and customized cabins.