Junkkari – a good way to work hard

Junkkari has been the trusted partner of agricultural machine retailers and farmers for three generations. The company has always operated with confidence but listening to the experiences of the customer – the farmer – has been an equally important corner stone of success. During 60 years of operation Junkkari has maintained its courage to challenge the standards and break the limits within the fields of agriculture and forestry. Products designed for sowing, transport and forestry are still designed, produced and marketed with true devotion and the right attitude.

Feet on the ground but aiming high

Even though Junkkari represents the newest innovations, there is always a talented individual behind all the modern technology. Although the company's visions are soaring high, Junkkari stays grounded. Machinery and solutions are designed with strong insight but the employees are still always ready to learn and develop something new together with the farmer. Several research and development projects also bring new and important perspectives to R&D.

The innovative solutions of Junkkari improve the user experience in a unique way. The basic products in the category fulfil the needs of smaller farms while the highly automated models are suitable for larger farms.

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Hard facts


  • Factory: Ylihärmä, Southern Ostrobotnia
  • Flexible and rapid production
  • Advanced automation, e.g. welding robots and laser cutting
  • Export to Europe, South America and Asia
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental standards